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Many of our clients turn to us when faced with artificial intelligence problems that other companies have been unable to solve

Consulting in Data Analytics and Computer Vision

We specialize in video analytics and data analytics customized to meet our clients' needs. The success stories we've achieved with companies from various countries attest to the quality of our solutions. Our team comprises highly skilled professionals with a strong academic background and extensive industry experience, providing robust support for our work.

Video analytics with existing CCTV and IP cameras

Video Analytics and
Computer Vision

We specialize in developing specific video analytics solutions, including object and animal counting, warehouse occupancy monitoring, pattern and defect detection, among many others. If you have any computer vision problems involving image processing, we are the right team to address them.

Data Analytics

We work with various data sources, including reports, social networks, or any other type of text, to extract the specific information our clients need

Robust Software

With several years of experience, we specialize in developing desktop, cloud, or app solutions that involve artificial intelligence.


We have developed software for robotic arms in medical applications and also work on autonomous navigation systems for mobile robots.

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